Utilizing Video to Boost Your Reputation Online

Nothing enhances online reputation like video. In fact, because search results include video, images, news, articles, and blog posts, they are now being referred to as “mixed results”. This is because search engines strive to provide users with the best possible results, regardless of format. Utilizing reputation videos is quickly proving to be the most ideal way to interact with audiences online, which means that you can use it to your advantage and boost your online reputation.

It only takes a quick peek at the data to show that using reputation videos in your marketing efforts is an extremely effective tool for online reputation management.

When a company includes a poor-quality video in their branding, 62% of consumers said that they receive a negative perception of the brand as a whole.

On the other hand, a high-quality video always resonates with consumers and boosts the reputation of that company. It has been predicted that by 2017, almost 75% of all online traffic will be video. If you start utilizing reputation videos in your branding now, you won’t miss out on the video shift and will be able to reach more and more customers each year.

Now, let’s see how you could use video to enhance your online reputation.

Identifying Reputation Enhancing Types of Videos

Because almost everyone with a cell phone can create a video, it’s important to learn what kind of videos work the best to clean up and enhance online reputations. To create these kinds of videos, you have to focus on the content of the video. Utilizing a well branded video with amazing content is guaranteed to elicit positive responses from your customers. Some business-focused ideas for video content are:

  • A creative explanation of your brand
  • A behind-the-scenes look at your company
  • A how-to demonstration
  • A unique news segment concerning your industry
  • An in-person interview
  • A culturally relevant and stimulating live stream
  • A video featuring a 5 star review or testimonial

There are so many options for your business when it comes to creating content for videos. However, keep in mind that with video, consistency is key. It’s important to continually create new and exciting videos for your viewers, even if you can only produce a new video every quarter. Also keep in mind that viewers react extremely positively to fresh content, so make sure you’re giving them new and innovative ideas that they haven’t seen or heard before from you.

Videos provide a “human” aspect to digital identities, making them extremely powerful. With reputation videos, your viewers can be completely engaged because they are both seeing and hearing the message as it is being presented. Utilizing live streams can be extremely beneficial to you and your business because they provide the opportunity to connect in real time and answer questions as soon as they are asked. A great live streaming tool is Periscope, which can be used for social media marketing and boosting your online reputation.

How Can Video Boost Your Online Reputation?

Because video is the future of online content, you have to know how to use video to craft a positive image of your business. Once that image is perfectly represented in a video, you must know how and where to distribute your video in order to maximize the enhancement of your online reputation. But, how exactly do you do that? Take a look at the below tips!

Creating a Positive Brand Image in Video

The Highest Quality Content

Discovering and utilizing superior content means pinpointing exactly what your viewers want to see; it doesn’t necessarily mean simply creating longer and more detailed videos. Although some customers may enjoy a long and detailed video, it may be worthwhile to create a video that the majority of your customers will enjoy (such as a simple, yet dynamic 30-second reputation video that explains the core tenets of your brand). The content you utilize must give your viewers value, whether that be by making them smile or by sharing a helpful tip or two.

The Highest of Qualities

Most people think that producing a high-quality video requires owning professional filming equipment, but truthfully, there are a few options for creating an extremely high-quality video. One option is to rent the equipment from a company or online and film the content yourself. Another option is to hire freelance videographers who will bring their own equipment, taking the production burden off of you. The last option is to simply film the content on your phone, if it has video capabilities. Most phones have great cameras and are capable of filming and producing videos that are decent in quality.

It is also important to consider the editing process when creating your video. The freelancers you may choose to hire could be capable of editing the footage for you, but you can also use video editing software to edit the content yourself. Once you learn how to use the software, you will be able to edit the video so it looks professional and maximizes the enhancement of your online reputation.

Distributing Your Videos

Not much changes as far as marketing when it comes to video, it is very similar to how you would market using other mediums. However, it is extremely important to distribute your video effectively to make sure you receive the most amount of attention. Below are some tips for marketing your videos successfully.

Using Social Media

Putting your reputation videos on all of your social networks and thus, sharing them with all of your followers can drastically enhance your online reputation. Posts with video have an almost 250% greater organic reach than posts with simply text, links, or photos combined. Making your videos sharable by ensuring they are brief and beneficial greatly increase that reach. Social media can enhance your online reputation, if you know how and where to post.

Sending E-Mails

Your subscribers have chosen to trust you with their e-mail addresses, so it’s important to send all of your videos to them via e-mail. Studies show that e-mails that include the word “video” are opened more by consumers, significantly increase click-through rates, and reduces unsubscribes. So, you really have nothing to lose by e-mailing your subscribers your latest and greatest reputation videos.

Blogs and Websites

Online reputations can depend on your business’s blog or website. Something that could greatly increase your online reputation on your blog or website is the creation and display of a brand-boosting video that is specifically tailored to what your company does and what it stands for. It has been shown that landing pages that include such a video have 80% higher conversion rates than landing pages with only text and photos. Including your dynamic reputation videos on your website or blog will show your customers that you are innovative, creative, and extremely excited about what you do.

Final Thoughts

After your reputation videos have been created and distributed on any and all of your online platforms, you can then examine the data and decide what effect they have had on your online reputation by using reputation management tools, social feedback, and video statistics. If the numbers aren’t quite what you expected or hoped for, you can simply find what your customers didn’t connect to in your video and change it in the next one.

Video will be the main medium of information for online users, so it’s important that you learn how to utilize it and maximize the benefit your business and its online reputation can receive. After reading this article, you should feel secure in your ability to create professional and innovative videos that are guaranteed to resonate with your customers and boost your online reputation. Now, all you have to do is get creative and start the camera…. Or just contact us, and we’ll take care of it for you!