Reputation Video Marketing

Reputation Video MarketingIf you ask an owner of a business what they consider to be the aspect of their business that they are the most proud of, they would most likely tell you that it is their reputation. In fact, most business owners regard reputation as one of their largest assets.

Because of this fact, most business owners go to extreme lengths to protect and strengthen their reputation.

It’s clear that these days, the best and most concrete new customer a business can receive is a customer that was recommended or referred by someone they personally know and trust based on that person’s own experiences with the business.

This concept can occur digitally, in the form of online reviews and testimonials. These kinds of testimonials and reviews are often found on review sites, such as Yelp.

Online reviews and testimonials can be either extremely beneficial or catastrophic to a business’s online reputation. They can be extremely beneficial because a business’s reputation can easily be found by anyone who simply types in a few identifiers into a search engine.

They can be catastrophic because they essentially take the control of the business’s reputation away from the business and give it to anyone on the internet.

We believe that businesses should have a way to manage and protect the solid reputation that have taken a lot of time and hard work to establish. That long standing and proven reputation should not be effected by or judged on based on a single negative review that may have been posted in anger.

It has never been more important to manage your online reputation.

In a recent study, we have learned that 97% of people aged eighteen to thirty-four look for online reviews before they purchase any product or service.

This proves that reputation has moved and will continue to stay online.

It’s no longer sufficient to only have your positive reviews and testimonials on your website and social media pages. You must now take those reviews and place them directly in front of the people who actively search for products and services like the ones you offer.

Utilizing video in reputation marketing achieves that task in a way that no other medium can. Simply taking the positive reviews and testimonials you already have and inserting them into a video is an easy way to build and enhance your online reputation.

Reputation Video Marketing allows you to connect with future customers and engage them in a way that is interactive, easy to find, and incredibly high ranking online.

Try thinking about it this way…

When a good friend recommends a book to you, you still make sure to go online and read the reviews before you purchase it.

When your cousin recommends a new restaurant they loved, you still go on review websites and read the existing customer testimonials before calling and making a reservation.

What if, when you looked for that restaurant online, you found a video that included a 5-star customer review? Would you watch it? Would you call and make a reservation immediately after being shown the 5-star service you are destined to receive?

Imagine if you could make that concept a possibility for your business. Well, you can! All you have to do is begin implementing 5-star reputation marketing videos for your business and placing them where everyone can see. Including those kinds of videos can result in more customers, referrals, and sales for your business without any networking effort being placed on you.

Check out this example of one of the reputation marketing videos that we have created for one of our customers!