Reputation Video Marketing Makes You a 5-Star Leader

Now Presenting Our Innovative Video Marketing Tool That Ensures You Are A 5-Star Leader In Your Industry!

Effectively Branding Your Business with Video. Check out this extremely powerful marketing tool!

If you were to look at three companies that offered the same product or service you desired, which would you choose? The company with mixed bad and good reviews, the company with zero reviews, or the company with only 5-star reviews?

It is the common first step for most consumers: we check out what other people are saying about their experience with specific businesses before we decide to purchase from them. It’s called Social Proof and it is an extremely powerful tool to utilize in online marketing.

A simple Google search will show that the videos you want future customers to see will be seen!

This means you can make videos with only excellent reviews… which will help you enhance your online reputation and gain more customers!

Most businesses are familiar with the concept of Reputation Management because it is important for customers to see that a business has a stellar online reputation. However, changing reputation management to reputation marketing allows businesses to start making money through their reputation! This is because a 5-star business has a huge advantage over all other businesses, and when that reputation is highly visible, customers flood in.

Changing Reputation Management to Reputation Marketing

1.) Make Your Good Reviews Highly Visible, 2.) Gain the Reputation of a 5-Star Company, 3.) then Market it!

Marketing your business so customers can easily find it is only profitable if you can convert them into customers. If you have a bad online reputation, customers will choose your competitor almost every single time. In fact, it’s been shows that 87% of people will check out a business online even after they have received a word-of-mouth referral from someone they know and trust. That means that it is incredibly important that you have your 5-Star reputation established and protected before future customers search for you online.

These days, businesses rise and fall with the reviews they receive. Google Plus pages have been merged with the websites of businesses and unapologetically display the reputations of those businesses to the world. If your reputation is bad, people are sure to find out about it and your competitors will gain all of your potential customers.

Potential customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, which means businesses like you can gain pre-qualified and pre-sold leads.

In order for this to happen, you must establish your business as a 5-Star Industry Leader and then market your business everywhere.

Our Company Helps to Establish You as a 5-Star Leader in Your Industry

Through professional spokes models, a highly professional studio, animated graphics that are sure to enhance your 5-Star reviews, and professional editing techniques, we are able to establish you as the top leader in your industry.

Our reputation videos are extremely efficient and utilize the types of marketing strategies that the most successful businesses and brands use:

  1. Branding – establish your business as a 5-Star brand
  2. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) place your videos at the top of the search list when potential customers search for products and services like the ones you offer. Each video is linked back to your website, which helps your website rank even higher in all online search engines.
  3. Social Media – post videos on any of your social platforms, ensuring that you stand out in your industry
  4. Reputation – protect and enhance your excellent online reputation through the use of marketing your 5-Star reviews
  5. Video – stand out in the world of online marketing and ensures that people will click on and watch your content
  6. Content – when utilizing effective and efficient content and posting it everywhere, your business is guaranteed to succeed!
  7. Mobile – video allows your potential customers to view your content on every platform, no matter where they are in the world

We all know that word-of-mouth advertising is extremely effective and trusted, but our recent study taught us some interesting things. When asked what they do first after being referred to a business, our participants showed that almost 90% search online to find out more about the business.

When asked what they first search for when looking for a business online, our participants showed that more than half of them immediately look for online reviews.

After watching our 5 star reputation videos, 70% of participants said they would call the business in the video and 65% said they would refer anyone they knew looking for the specific products or services featured in the video to the business in the video.

Our one-minute branding videos are extremely powerful when it comes to reputation and branding strategy and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 because:

  • Our professional spokes models make your business look extremely qualified
  • Our videos are shot in a studio similar to those found in Hollywood and we use only professional lighting and green screen technologies
  • Our innovative graphics and animation combined with your existing 5-Star reviews pair extremely effectively with our on-location shot of someone reading that review
  • We only feature your excellent 5-Star reviews
  • We professionally edit your video to ensure that nothing can get in the way of establishing you as the top leader in your industry

Utilizing reputation video marketing is a tool that your business can always use in your online marketing strategy.

Check out these examples of the videos we’ve done for some of our clients. When watching, imagine your business in one of these videos and see how easily your business can go from “one of the competitors” to the top 5-Star company in your industry!

Contact us right now and let’s get started making you the leader and only choice for customers looking for products and services in your industry!