5 Ways Reputation Video Marketing Benefits Your Business

If you’re in business, you have probably noticed how video marketing has taken over digital marketing and how much power Reputation Video Marketing can truly have when attempting to attract new clients and boost profits. Chances are that you may be a little skeptical about what video can actually do for business. If you are, check out the information below to find out how video marketing can actually benefit your business.

1.) E-Mail Open and Click-Through Rates Soar with Video

Studies have shown that including video in e-mails produces a 20% increase in open rates and a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. This is because watching a video allows users to engage with and feel connected to the e-mail much more than simply reading text. If you feel as if your marketing via e-mail is lagging, adding video could be the dynamic change you need to make.

2.) People Can Watch Videos on their Phones

Reputation Video Marketing is mobile-friendly and incredibly easy for people to access, no matter where they physically are. Technology has advanced to the point that phones have the capability to stream video flawlessly, with zero interruptions, no matter where they are. It has even been found that video accounts for nearly half of all mobile Internet traffic!

3.) Forming a Personal Connection

Implementing Reputation Video Marketing allows a business to connect with their future customers on a personal level by giving them a human aspect of the business. Through recording those who work in the business or what the business does behind-the-scenes, people are able to see exactly who is involved in the business and what the business stands for. This kind of interaction builds trust and confidence, making it much easier for future customers to commit to purchasing products or services.

4.) Videos Don’t Disappear… For the Most Part

Publishing a video or reputation video online ensures its existence for many years. In fact, posting your video online enables a free marketing strategy; the accessibility of your video allows others on the Internet to publish it on their own platforms, increasing the amount of people who will eventually see it. That being said, video marketing can be seen as a both a long-term and short-term investment. Including Reputation Video Marketing will initially bring you new customers, but will also have an extreme amount of benefit as time goes on, more people see it and share it, and new customers come regularly.

5.) Increase Profits

If you’re not sold yet, check this out! Reputation Video Marketing has been proven to boost the sales of the companies and businesses who utilize it.

In fact, a study has recently shown that customers were 174% more likely to purchase from a company after watching their branding and/or marketing video.

Including video allows businesses to show their products and services in real-time and build a connection with future customers that will encourage them to make a purchase. Implementing video marketing WILL increase your profits, bring you more customers, and greatly increase your overall reputation marketing strategy.

Reputation Video Marketing is making its way in the world of marketing and it is imperative that you get on board! Please contact us for more information on how to tap in to this extremely beneficial marketing strategy that is sure to make you stand out in the modern marketing world.